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Let's Create Something Unique!

Thank you for choosing Bleu Stitch & Embroidery. We are a small family owned business and love to create new and unique items! If you are looking to embroider a personal item, or to order a customized item from us, use the form below to tell us about your custom order. We will reach out via email to provide a quote and also welcome "inspiration" pictures. We will work together to make an item you love. 


Bleu Stitch and Embroidery can source high-quality items in specific colors or you can ship us an item of your choice. Take a look below for our font, monogram, applique, and options to start your design.

Fill out this form with details of your custom order! We will provide you with a quote.
Would you like Blue Stitch and Embroidery to source items for you?

Thanks for submitting!

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